About Us

We will change the world. Shirt by shirt. 

We are going to do it by spreading Stylist at home fashion across the world. Why you may wonder? Because a bad fit spoils more than just your look.

OroFit  stands for Oro which means gold and fit describes the apparel fittings which are going to be perfect just like your body. OroFit  is like a family member which is going to help you in all the best possible ways. You can find the right cloths with consequent oppurtunity to describe latest trends. Style is what makes you attractive. OroFit  follows 'Fashion' less and  'Personal style'  more. Following fashion simply makes you one of the herd and one dimensional. Orofit will figure out what sort of cloths you like and style you prefer and emulate it for you. 

Now a days we all buy readymade garments, but before this there was trend of tailor made garment. To fill the chasm between both the trends OroFit comes up in the market taking advantage of both the industries to give you aeonion and best of ''Tailor and Garment'' factory.

Nowadays major fashion houses around the world are not always at the helm of the latest technology innovations. Not only because they make clothes in just the standard sizes, which often don’t fit the majority of the world’s population, but also since they force us to rush back and forth to the dressing room, with a pile of different sizes until we find a decent fit.

When the clothes don’t fit we have two options. Either we throw them away or return them to the store. Both options are on the increase and both impact our environment.

At OroFit we deliver sartorial fashion, especially tailored for you, nothing else. Sartorial fashion garments never go out of fashion and are certainly not throwaways. It is something that you can wear from a young age until your grandchildren are the same age as when you started wearing sartorial fashion. For this reason, sartorial fashion is also sustainable fashion.

You probably assume that you will be paying a fortune for these tailored items, with the perfect fit guarantee and avoidance of the well-established brands’ standard sizes. That’s not the case. At Oro Fit, you will find affordable garments with the best fit that make you confident.

It is worth noting that our items take a bit longer to be delivered as, unlike most e-commerce sites which lift ready-made items of the shelves, we hand craft each garment to fulfill the highest level of expectations. This, as you may expect, requires time. Our process starts once you have completed your order.