We started Orofit because we got tired of wearing ill-fitting clothes and paying luxury prices for luxury quality. So we obsessively re-engineered menswear to make each garment one at a time, guaranteeing fit and eliminating unnecessary markups.

As if shopping wasn’t stressful enough, searching for that true fit and style can be more so. By giving a little attention to how you dress can improve the functionality of your clothes, increasing both your personal comfort and also boost your confidence and bolster the impression you make on people.Let us work with you to customize that truly fantastic outfit that is stylish, modern and gets you looking and feeling your absolute best! The result: Not just an amazing outfit that will match your personal style statement. But an outfit that you will feel comfortable and confident in all day long, so that you can relax enjoy effortlessly!

Custom Fit Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the fit on your first order, we will alter your shirt or completely remake it at no cost.

Premium Fabrics

We work intimately with the best mills around the world that produce your favorite fabrics. Our special collection is nothing short of best for you.

Stylist At Home

Let our Personal Stylists come to you to help refine your fit and style. We’ll build the perfect wardrobe that meets your needs, At No Extra Charge

Direct Prices

Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to eliminate the 3-8x markups in traditional retail and pass these savings on to you.